Making machines more efficient

Bigger Business Advantatge

IP Licensing Model Broad IP portfolio accessible through a single license.

Transparent Integration Open technology transfer provides customers ultimate integration flexibility without quality or cost concerns.

Address Climate Change Help customers meet carbon neutrality and global emissions regulations.

Dynamic Motor Drive (DMD™)

DMD Software Drives EV Efficiency
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Fast and Scalable

Easy for a customer to integrate, test and get to production.

Longer Range

Delivers 2-5% efficiency gain in standard vehicle drive cycles.

Lower Costs

Avoid the financial and environmental costs of rare earth metals.

ICE In-Use Annual Savings per Vehicle

Up to 1 ton of CO2

Passenger Cars

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Up to 11 tons of NOX and CO2

Commercial Vehicles

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Beyond Technology, Tula’s Advantage Comes From Its People

With more patents and more years of combined engineering experience than any company of its size, Tula’s teams regularly make the news. We create the technology proven to help the automotive industry and the environment.

Combined Years of Applied Engineering
Controls, Digital Signal Processing, Software, Hardware, Simulation, Power Electronics, Battery Tech, Motor Design and Development.
Worldwide Footprint

Diverse Staff with Multi-disciplinary Expertise

Issued Patents
Pending Patents
Expertise Displayed in Demonstration Vehicles
DMD Issued and Pending Patents
State of the Art Research and Development
One-team Execution

Our collaboration with General Motors delivered technology to 2M+ vehicles on the road

Global Technical Ecosystem

We engage with many OEMs, tier-1 suppliers, universities, and government entities

Dynamic Skip Fire in the Press

No matter how it’s powered, Tula has it covered

Passenger Car Sales
Global Medium & Heavy Duty Commercial Sales

Dynamic Efficiency Starts with Tula